Dianne Krumel is a lifelong resident of Pensacola. After graduating from the University of West Florida, she went on to build her own successful business career that spanned 34 years. 

Dianne has been a strong advocate for social and environmental issues in our community for many years. She has attended countless local county commissioner meetings, city hall meetings, public forums and town halls meetings to listen, learn and speak about the issues that are most important to the people. She recently led and won a 2-year grassroots community effort, known as “Save Pensacola Beach”, that stopped the privatization and over development of our publicly owned land on Santa Rosa Island, better known as Pensacola Beach. 

Dianne Krumel is a proven leader who has earned the trust of our community. She knows that once elected, her actions in Tallahassee must reflect the will of the people she will serve. Dianne’s primary focus will be on working for policies that support a healthy, safe and educated people. 

Dianne believes Our communities prosper best when we focus on policies that support healthy, safe and educated people. We need laws that reflect the will of the people, not politicians.

As your trusted public servant in Tallahassee, Dianne Krumel’s work will be dedicated to these community priorities:

  • Ensuring accessible and affordable, quality health care for every Floridian
  • Promoting excellence in our public education and vocational training programs
  • Supporting our veterans and active duty military personnel
  • Empowering businesses to bring jobs to our communities
  • Focusing on policies that improve our system of justice
  • Protecting and preserving public beaches
  • Ensuring clean air, water and land


Dianne is asking you to get involved with her campaign today!

Click here to volunteer: https://www.votedianne.com/volunteer

Click here to donate: https://secure.actblue.com/entity/fundraisers/87710?ref=votedianne_donation_act_blue